NEW LINK:  Bobby Clennell puts up a fully explained 'pose of the month' on her website.  Bobby is based in the US - a very experienced and Pune-seasoned teacher.

I am sad to say that I am giving up these classes for the time being.  I will be teaching some cover classes in Bath Iyengar Yoga Centre and Bristol's YOGAWEST.

Please watch this space in the New Year (2014) for new classes at the YOGA LOFT

Queen Charlotte Street Osteopath Studio  (includes MAP)

Bob Phillips and Juliet Bishop continue to teach there, Tuesday lunchtime and Thursday evening respectively.

MORE about YOGA classes at QCS including timetable of classes and more about teachers Jenny, Juliet and Bob.


BKS AIYI Birthday at Bath V2


or 01225 319 699


As you know, from time to time I put up information about holidays and other things that might interest you yoga-wise.  

Gerry CHAMBERS and Lynda PURVIS are also organising an Indian yoga experience for early 2014 - contact them if this excites you!  Glowing reports from people who went last time.  Yoga combines with sighteeing, temple visits and great food.  SEE BELOW

Our next yoga workshop at the Village Hall in Otterton is coming up this Sunday 27 October at the usual time of 10.00am.

You will find more information and a booking form here:

We would like to take this opportunity to let you know about our Yoga Retreat to the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu in February 2014.  As well as a full programme of yoga classes the event involves visits to a number of important cultural and spiritual sites, and is a great opportunity to discover this unique area of India in the company of like minded people.

You will find full information about the trip here:

CONTACT YOGAWEST FOR DETAILS - I don't think you need to be a member to take part - although you could take the opportunity to join!


There will  be a workshop in the mountains of  KERALA in India  from   14th until 23 rd of February 2014 , all levels , near Kumily 

The information in english is  on our web site, for further details , please contact us Stéphane Lalo

Centre de yoga Iyengar de Marseille 

19 Place Sebastopol , 13004,

00 33 (0)4 91341525


TRY bakchichbaba 


The lunchtime class will continue to run through the summer and will be taught by Becky Wilkinson.  Becky is trained in the Iyengar method and has taught Iyengar classes in Bristol for many years.  She is also a qualified massage therapist and sees yoga as a part of a holistic health regime.


These are all available form AMAZON or YOGAMATTERS

Light on Yoga (Bellur Krishnamachar Sundararaja [BKS] IYENGAR)

Yoga: A Gem for Women (Geeta S Iyengar)

The above books have illustrations and descriptions of the basic poses. They

rely on photographic illustrations and are probably a little difficult to use

as a beginner’s guide to poses. They include background information on

yoga and are regarded as classic texts.  Invaluable as reference works and as an 

introduction to the subject.

Iyengar Yoga for Beginners (BKS. Iyengar)

Yoga the Iyengar Way (Silva, Mira & Shyam Mehta)

These 2 books are clearly illustrated and well formatted, giving simple

instructions for the poses. B.K.S. Iyengar’s book has chapters on the benefits

of yoga and yoga philosophy that put the asanas in context.

All the books contain advice on practice, and sample practice sequences.

All books are available on Amazon, new or second-hand. There are several

that allow you to ‘look inside’ and there are also customer reviews. There are

many other Yoga books on the market, but if you want to use the book as a

reference for the asanas taught in the University classes, stick with Iyengar

texts, since other methods may teach different versions of the poses, and this

will be confusing.


We are looking to re-brand the Osteopath's Practice space as THE YOGA LOFT.  We are re-designing our sign, brochures, cards etc so watch this space.  The yoga, you will be pleased to know, will be just the same!  The Practice is going to publish a newsletter, and hopefully this will reach some of you.

January News

Meanwhile I am in Pune doing a month's yoga at the Iyengar's Institute (RIMYI). I arrived here on New Year's Eve, a bit disoriented and shaken up after a flight from Heathrow and a 165Km 4 hour road trip from Mumbai.  First night in a hotel, then we moved into an apartment that at first struck us as shabby but quickly became home.  It's clean and spacious and at tree level.  Very exotic bird sounds wake us in the morning.

More about our trip, with added yoga details, from Tamara Hockey who some of you might know from Yogawest.  Words by Tamara, photos by Jenny!

TAMARA'S INDIAN EXPERIENCE click here for Tamara's blog - more than you ever wanted to know about yoga in Pune, with added shopping, trips to Goa, Auyurvedic spa experience and much, much more.



Regular yoga practice will aid you in your aim of healthy living - optimizing your physical and mental capacity by building strength, stamina and concentration.  Many of the health benefits have been seen in controlled experiments, but it is important to understand that practice is an individual matter, and you will form your own opinions from your own experience.


Jess Wallwork presents a simple home practice video.  This may help you if you find it a bit hard to get on your mat and get started!


Yoga can be very helpful for many problems - structural and medical.  Many common issues - ‘bad’ shoulders, knees, backs etc. can be dealt with in a general class, like the one at Queen Charlotte Street Osteopaths.  More serious problems require the assistance of a senior teacher, experienced in therapeutic techniques.  If you have a problem, large or small, consult your teacher and s/he will guide you.  

It is also important to understand that ‘therapeutic’ yoga requires a great deal of time and commitment, much more than one short session a week if more serious issues are to be tackled in this way.  Yoga is not a replacement for medical treatment, but can be used to aid recovery, and may help prevent some conditions occurring.


This is not the place for a dissertation, but I urge you to dip into some yoga books.  I will put up a fresh list of references in the next few weeks.

Why do I practice YOGA?  If you’re reading this page you probably already know.  Maybe it’s enough to say that around the same time as Windows 95 launched, I decided it was really time to set my feet on the yoga path and follow it to see where it lead. I am still following it and expecting to do so for the rest of my life. Although it may not feel like it to begin with, there are infinite adventures and explorations to be had on the small oblong island that is your own yoga mat.

In 1997 I attended the celebrations for Guruji (B.K.S. Iyengar)’s 80th birthday in Pune, India.  If I had had any doubts, this experience would have quelled them completely.

There are plenty websites to tell you more about Guruji and ‘Iyengar’ yoga; I am now a qualified teacher, and take regular classes myself.  There is a great deal of exchange of knowledge in the Iyengar community, and if you have taken Iyengar classes in any part of the world, my teaching methods will be familiar.  The important thing is the yoga, and not the particular teacher.  All 'teachers' are first and foremost students of yoga.

Why THE SEA?  Historical reasons – I liked the idea of the Sea as an open, fluid place where things could happen, routes could be sailed, ideas floated or explored, so I took it as my domain name, way back in the early Iron Age of the Internet, aka the era of Windows 95 (I had already lived through the Late Stone Age of DOS and the Pre-Cambrian Era of even more obscure not to say obsolete computer languages.)  And the sea is ever-changing, appealing to my own need for change, variety and travel.


I teach at Queen Charlotte Street Osteopath Studio

More about Iyengar Yoga and another view from the USA

My teachers – Lynda Purvis, Gerry Chambers

The link is to their EASTWEST website where you will find new workshops and yoga days that they will be teaching in Taunton, Otterton and Exeter in the coming months.

I also teach at Bristol University Staff Club (you need to be a member of staff or otherwise associated with the University to take classes, but there is a useful reading list and some more links here.

NEXT BLOCK - see BUSC website (link above) for details.

Yoga equipment from YOGAMATTERS


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